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Sociology of Shia

“Sociology of Shia” is one of the Sociology of religion subdivisions. Study of religious representatives instigates from the very first religion that everyone encounters with, which in case of Iran is “Tashayo”. In Addition to “Imamate (Incumbency of an Imam) and Justice”, which is the essential, distinctive and characteristic aspect of  “Tashayo”, the key domains of “Sociology of Shia” can be categorized in eight fields follows:

  1. Social History of “Tashayo”
  2. Clergymen and Authority of Marja’iyyat
  3. Tashayo, Politics and Power
  4. Rituals, Festivals (Eyds) and Mourning (Azadari)
  5. Mahdaviat
  6. Esotericism, Mysticism and Tasavvuf
  7. Pilgrimage and Religious Places
  8. Shi'ite Literature and Arts

Due to philosophical, mystical, Kalaami (Scholastic) and Feq-hi (Islamic jurisprudence) dimensions of the aforementioned domains, some texts have been evaluated and assessed by “Sociology of Shia Studies Circle”. These texts are either produced by sociologists or apply sociological “theories, methods and approaches” in their interpretation of “Tashayo”. “Sociology of Shia Studies Circle” does not include mere theoretical studies, historical monographs, kalaami discussions or any other branches of Islamic religious studies prevalent in Shia Clergy Schools that their chief trend is to propagate, prescribe or valuate religious beliefs and do not fit into the domain of study of “Sociology of Shia Studies”.

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