The religious celebrations in Iranian society

(Comparing the pattern of organizing celebration in formal, semi-formal and informal construct)


Based on a time division, time is divided into two types, ordinary and extraordinary. Celebration time is sort of extraordinary time that everything will be suspended during this type of time. Considering celebration's research literature, constructive elements of the celebration includes issues like suspending order, waste, violation and the collective effervescence. Besides the theoretical literature of celebration, the religious literature of celebration would be mentioned, that have a different look to celebrations and religious festivals .The oncoming research shows which institutions are responsible for holding celebration in the society of Iran? And, what kind of attitude, does the trustees of these institutions have about holding celebrations? Yet, the upcomming thesis would make possible for us to have a comparative study between the "official" (formal) and "unofficial" (informal, domestic model) organizing institutions of celebrations. In summary, the research shows that by moving from the organizing institutions of celebrations in official construction toward unofficial construction, the celebrations find much more constructive elements and face with fewer restrictions.